From Old To New We Haven't Had Any Issues.

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From Old To New We Haven't Had Any Issues.
19 Jul 2017
Yes it was a pain migrating over to the new platform but the company changed hands to what do you expect?

For those complaining about glitches I suggest that you look at the way you have set it up, you may have done things wrong.

We don't have any issues really just the minor down time every now and again but apart from that this site saves us a lot of time, I have moved companies and convinced the MD to use this software/website as I set it up in my previous job and it has worked wonders for me again.

The comments about the staff are unjust I suggest if you think they are rude and unhelpful then you might want to stop and take a look in the mirror before making those accusations and maybe calm down a bit when you call for technical help.

I have always found the staff helpful and quick to respond if I need any help with anything.

Some great features including autoresponders so you never go over the dreaded 24 hour mark on your Amazon messages!

Case lost/faulty integration for eBay so no need for the back and fourth.

So to some it up I think ReplyManager is a must for any multi channel retailer if you haven't got it yet you should sign up it will save you a lot of time in the long run and also make you more efficient at responding to your customers which in a way will save your business money.
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