Excellent for Those Ready to Scale

A review of SELLER SNAP by atjernlund
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Excellent for Those Ready to Scale
20 Jul 2017
So, you are a legitimate Amazon seller looking to reach the next level. Well, then you know that you need to focus on what makes your business grow and outsource the rest. However, you don't want to give up the details and care that got you this far. That was my issue. I had tried Feedvisor, Appeagle, and others. Feedvisor was a great idea, but I am busy growing my business and don't want to input all the data they need for it to run successfully. Plus, the price tag was just, wow. The other basic "drop a penny" repricers will forcing me to leave a ton of margin on the table. SellerSnap got me everything I need and nothing I don't. I can put in as much information as I want, but it starts working with just a couple of basic parameters. Plus, it is a lot less expensive than the high end guys. I still use it and I seem to get the best of all worlds so far: easy to set up, smart pricing decisions, fair price. I now sell $25MM annually online and it still works for me.
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