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Why Zeeda? Zeedaa is the premier marketplace and auction website built for anyone interested in buying and selling goods online efficiently, effectively, and elegantly. We connect buyers looking for great deals directly to the sellers that offer them good product at low cost. With a streamlined site layout and overall ease of navigation, Zeedaa allows even newcomers to the online marketplace an opportunity to quickly and easily buy or sell anything they can imagine. Our rates for listing items undercut many other leading online auction websites, ensuring that our users are able to both make the most return on their sales as well as purchase great goods at no extra cost.

Zeedaa understands the many needs of our users and offers them a chance to affordably take control of their online buying and selling experience in a way that saves everyone involved both time and money. With our extensive category system, featured deals, and straightforward website design, buyers are able to find exactly what they need at the best price without having to dig through irrelevantly cluttered categories or navigate complicated page layouts.

Why Zeedaa? Unlike other online auction websites, we believe that if a seller is already paying a listing fee, they shouldn’t have to pay a percentage as well. We let users take control of their account and money with no percentage or fees until January 1st, 2018. After, users are invited to create their own user store and sell an unlimited amount of items for only $29.95 a month - that's just $359.40 per year, which is ultimately much less than one would have to pay with other sites that charge up to 3%, 6%, or even 10% commission per sale even after the user fees that can total up to $199 a month.

We here at Zeedaa understand that time is money and have done the thorough research required to know exactly what our users want and need in order to accomplish the most with their online marketplace experience as easily and affordably as possible. Zeedaa offers our users a clear, open road to find and purchase anything at low costs as well as sell their own goods for maximum profit without a myriad of unnecessary fees. If you're interested in getting the most out of your money and simplifying your online shopping and selling needs - let Zeedaa do the work!

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