Awful. Stay away. Not worth the money

A review of Sellbrite by Mbar
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Awful. Stay away. Not worth the money
20 Jul 2017
This was one of the most unreliable, unresponsive programs we have ever used. The only reason we signed up for the program was because at the time you were one of the only companies offering Etsy bulk uploading... We had many times where things were double listed on Etsy. There were over 50+ occurrences of double selling which not only harmed our feedback but also at points jeopardized our ability to even sell on the channel.

Most cases you claimed it was our fault things double sold or double listed, which we have never experienced on any other program... If it wasn't so burdensome to switch we would have only stayed with your company a short few months.

When we tried to contact you, no one would respond or would respond days later even though we had a top teir account that theoretically entitled us to priority customer service.
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Re: Awful. Stay away. Not worth the money
30 Jul 2017
Hey Matt,

This one hurts, especially because I know how much this team cares about building a great product and backing it with great support.

I've reached out to you by phone and email already, but I'd really like to get on the phone with you and ask just a few followup questions, just so I can fully understand what issues you faced.

I know you had issues with Etsy, but we simply weren't able to identify anything that could point to the cause. Normally we can, and normally we own it and fix it.

That being said, I had no idea you were still experiencing this or other issues. My records show your support conversations were prompt and always resolved. Your business has been very important to us, and I would request just one more opportunity to speak with you, mostly to convey how much this team cares about its customers.

Best of luck to you,

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Re: Awful. Stay away. Not worth the money
27 Oct 2018

I completely agree. I signed up for a trial, however the customer service was so bad, we cancelled! I am glad we didn't invest a nickel in the ripoff company!! "Your business is very important to us" which is nothing but BS! Your money is what they want! Also when I did contact customer no service, I received canned email responses. Never did have the questions answered. Sellbrite does not provide a telephone number so the user is stuck with endless emails with answers that make no sense whatsoever!

Save your time and energy! Stay as far away as possible so you don't get ripped off!!
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