I have 7 thousand books but selling only 10 a day

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I have 7 thousand books but selling only 10 a day
21 Jul 2017
I have a repricer with which I make sure I am always the 2nd cheapest and my minimum price is set to 8.99+3.99 =12.98

but for some reason my churning rate is extremely low. Selling on average 10 a day with 7K books on inventory.

I am thinking of FBA but fees are scaring me. Currently all my items are Buy box eligible and my price competitiveness above 80% and buy box percentage is around 1-2 %.

Feedback rating 94%

What am I doing wrong?
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Re: I have 7 thousand books but selling only 10 a day
2 Aug 2017

Are your books popular ? If they are then the obvious pointer is the low 'Buy Box' percentage. 1% - 2% is very low. Use the sales rank or regularly check the stock available from your competitors to see if they have had sales.

94% feedback is quite low and may be affecting your sales. Look at your metrics / feedback, find out what buyers do not like and do something about it. It could mean downgrading the quality of the books (if you sell used), improving delivery / despatch speed or improving customer service.

As you are repricing to be the second cheapest, if your price is repriced on the third cheapest and you are more than 10% more expensive than the cheapest then you stand less chance of getting the legendary 'Buy Box' in my experience.

The 'Buy Box' is based upon many factors including price, use of FBA, feedback, stock, despatch speed, delivery speed and many other factors that nobody other than Amazon really know.

If you can improve the Buy Box percentage then you should improve sales.
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