The best repricer I have found, and a great price

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The best repricer I have found, and a great price
22 Jul 2017
I don't mean to brag, but I am very advanced at pricing, I recorded a webinar on pricing for one of the biggest Amazon seller groups out there. Repricing correctly is one of the top things on an amazon business, because after all the work sourcing you want to be sure you can get the highest possible return on your sales.

For a long time I had decided to continue repricing manually for 2 reasons.

1. Rule based repricing makes no sense. I have manually tested and when pricing FBA against FBM sellers, sometimes you can price 15% above an FBM seller and still win, and sometimes only 1%. Some repricer will want you to think that its possible to guess this differences from things like seller rating, fulfilment time, etc, its not, I checked for 100 sellers and there was no possible correlation to be had.

2. Repricers often cause a race to the bottom. When I say "reprice 0,01 bellow competition), then if the other guy has the same, you will both reprice down to your minimum prices.

I tried many repricers and none would let me do what I wanted, to price as high as possible and still get the buy box.

Many repricers now have what they call and "algorithmic" repricing. Sure, that is a great name, but what does that mean? I have had many calls with the guys at seller snap and we have gone thru all the strategies it uses, and I found it to be incredibly clever in how it detects what your competition is doing in order to optimize what you should do. I dont think they are yet better then me personally repricing, but repricing personally is too time consuming.

I have also noted that many Algorithm repricers are way to aggressive, repricing at much lower prices then what is really needed to win the buy box.

A nice addition to the mix is a graph they have in their app with buy box % per day. You can indirectly get that from seller central, but its a lot of work. I use this graph to know how many days on the last 30 days I was competitively getting the buy box.

You should choose a repricer that fits your strategy and budget, if you have a higher revenue repricing better becomes more and more important. For me this repricer generates a lot more extra profits then it costs, but if you are selling very little, that might not be true for you.

Apart from all this, Seller snap has an amazing and super responsive support
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