Recommendations for ecomm education/mentoring programs?

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Recommendations for ecomm education/mentoring programs?
24 Jul 2017
Hello all,

I am new here so first off I'd like to say HELLO!

While I'm not new to selling online, I am wanting to venture off into an area I've not tried before. I've been reading tons & watching YT videos for quite some time, sometimes 6-8 hrs a day. My problem is now that I've learned some about what I'd like to do, it seems there is sooo much regurgitated info from everyone now. Not only that but they all put their own spin on things, say you need this or that which seems silly when just starting a new business or one person says you must do this while another person says don't bother. They all however want you to join their classes though & some are very spendy!
I have a few names of people I'm thinking of going with but they are real spendy. I've learned quite a bit on my own but there are some things I know I'm going to need help with & what I don't want to do is waste money on things that aren't necessary in the beginning stages or that won't help me at all.
I guess what I was hoping for from you fine folks is this;
If you were a total Noob going into the e-comm realm or selling on Amazon & you wanted to buy a mentorship, class, tutorial, etc, who would it be from & why.

The few I like are;
-ASM, Amazing Selling Machine. Lots of great reviews but currently not accepting new students & it is expensive., same guys I believe & you just pay monthly for all kinds of classes, anything to do with IM?
-Ryan Daniel Moran, Freedom Fast Lane, Brand Builder Bootcamp. Such a smart guy, seems ontop of everything all the time, also very spendy.

I don't mind paying for good education however for the expensive ones I'd like to know there is some mentorship involved in case questions or problems arise along the way that may require some help.

So, sorry for the long blog post! I really appreciate the time you've taken to read this & respond. I'd love to know if anyone has any other recommendations for a great person/program to follow for Amazon &/or e-comm selling.

Thanks so much guys, have a great day!

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Re: Recommendations for ecomm education/mentoring programs?
26 Jul 2017
Take a look at Mark Scott Adams:

He wrote a post for Web Retailer a while back:

I don't have experience of his educational content/events personally but his style is down-to-earth, smaller-scale and less costly than the events you mention - which have a really hyped-up feel to them in my opinion.
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Re: Recommendations for ecomm education/mentoring programs?
1 Aug 2017

I am always sceptical about online courses and mentoring. While there may well be several honest and legitimate ones out there, there are many more that offer nothing more than obvious information and a way to empty your wallet. If you want to make money, then set up your own mentoring website and attract the naive.

I once signed up to one of these 'mentoring websites' to see how bad they really were. The advice given was basically to threaten the supplier that you would go elsewhere if they did not give you a better price (hard to do if they are also the manufacturer), cut your costs, and sell cheaper than your competitors !!

To get honest information and feedback about any course, you need to track down and contact those that have actually used them, and not rely on the often glowing testimonials on the websites that show them. Not an easy task.

However do you really need these courses ?

An example:
4 years ago I was asked to build an 'online presence' for a wholesaler taking their first steps into online selling. 1 year later the online turnover was just short of £1M, with two staff and a margin of 17%. (My day job is / was creating brochure type websites and this was only my second online selling venture.) This was done without spending anything on mentoring, courses, or any type of online advertising or promotions. Just using common sense.

Advice from these mentoring sites will vary in relevance depending on whether you want to drop ship / arbitrage, can get good prices from suppliers for existing products to stock and sell direct, or if you have got your own 'must have' product that you want to market.

In my opinion there are two types of 'new' online sellers, the passionate and the brutal (three if you count the dishonest !). Which one are you ?
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