SalesWarp has helped us streamline our business

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SalesWarp has helped us streamline our business
24 Jul 2017
Our company, S&S Sports, a retailer of sports apparel, accessories, and supplies, has operated successfully for over 35 years, selling through over 40 store locations, B2B wholesale, and on multiple Amazon and eBay stores. We needed to replace and/or migrate our custom-built sales management software onto a single platform capable of consolidating and managing inventory for wholesale, retail, and ecommerce channels.

SalesWarp replaced a homegrown, custom-built platform implemented by S&S more than a decade ago, as well as several other integrated legacy applications. With SalesWarp, we centralized our various inventory systems to manage multiple online stores, our wholesale business, and a large number of retail locations. We now have real-time inventory visibility across all our channels. Also, with SalesWarp’s barcode integration tools, we improved the speed and accuracy of our inventory counts.

SalesWarp has helped us streamline our business and improve our order management process. The software is easily customizable for a variety of business needs. It provides real-time information about customers, products, orders, and fulfillment.

Our customer service associates enjoy a more efficient system for responding to customer inquiries and completing orders. In the first year following deployment, ecommerce sales for our company grew 300%. We increased our product reach by over 400%, while reducing annual software costs by over 90%.

We highly recommend SalesWarp – without hesitation. While many companies talk about being integration specialists, SalesWarp actually delivers on its promises. They are a true partner with us.
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