Surprised. Very surprised

A review of Gixen by Gixenfanman
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Surprised. Very surprised
25 Jul 2017
After looking at fancier designs of sniper I concluded they were largely all fancy and no action. When I came across Gixen, the least fancy of them all. I thought I should not have a closed mind although it looked all a bit MS-DOS looking to me (or perhaps Windows 1.2), but anyhow I tried. To my amazement I have won so much more than I have ever done. In fact eBay sent me a message to tell me my hit rate was 80%. Now it is a reality that I could actually buy and sell and do better than my main income if I am sensible. Having price rules is very important. I chose to focus on a specific piece of hardware and decided not to be distracted by everything because one cannot really be a jack of all trades and hope to effective with too many diversions and too easy for all free time to be consumed in front of a screen.

My verdict? Gixen has been excellent. Thanks to Gixen I may be able to find relative weatlh if I keep on my toes and use my formular to limit me from bad decisions.

I think independent developers like the Gixen man are well worth supporting. And this case is no exception. One could not compare the value of what he provides to the cost of it. Some people, commentators and others have highlighted the downside; that one must given Gixen their eBay login credentials. I did not take the view that here was an untrustworthy person because the reality is as soon as they are untrustworthy you can be sure the news will spread fast. However, I now understand that in conjunction with ebay, permission to use Gixen only needs to be given to them once and they operate a blind on one's actuall ID, by using a Gixen specific username and password.

I was suprised at Gixen. Very surprised. Try it & offer your support. I don't think you will ever regret it.

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