SellerSnap is, in short, better, cheaper, Feedvisor

A review of SELLER SNAP by Benjamin Isgur
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SellerSnap is, in short, better, cheaper, Feedvisor
27 Jul 2017
We (a large Amazon seller) switched over from Feedvisor to SellerSnap, and it's a far better option. I'll break it down.

1. What it does

I ran a 30-day long test where we moved 50% of our active listings from Feedvisor to SellerSnap. Over that test, SellerSnap barely underperformed Feedvisor in terms of average profit margin (0.2% different) but outperformed Feedvisor in terms of actual sales velocity (it sold about 3% more products). We would've made more total money using strictly SellerSnap with those numbers. These numbers are close enough for them to be called roughly equivalent products. SellerSnap is very similar to Feedvisor and allows for very simple but powerful and effective repricing setup.

2. Working with a startup vs. a behemoth

Feedvisor is huge and established. SellerSnap is younger and more nimble. When we want a feature added, we send an e-mail, and a few days or two weeks later, it's added. An example of this is that SellerSnap now displays how many competing offers are on a listing in an obvious and easily accessible manner, as well as how many of those offers are FBA vs. FBM. Having this information readily accessible is invaluable.

You can't get service like that from an established business like Feedvisor. What we got instead was a lot of reports that we didn't necessarily need.

3. Price

This last one can't be overstated. If the two services cost the exact same, I might slightly prefer Feedvisor because of their extra features and the business intelligence and assistance they provide. But they don't cost the same. SellerSnap costs us roughly 20% of what Feedvisor did. The savings are absolutely enormous and allowed us the room to hire on extra part-time help to grow our business even faster.

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