Would not work in my business

A review of ShipRush by GSPS
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Would not work in my business
28 Jul 2017
ShipRush got me onboard with their pricing, and Tech package. $29.95 for the account, I got to bring my FedEx and UPS Accounts with me, and it was supposed to save me time, and money.

Day 1: I encounter a bug in the software that means I cannot show more than 20 orders on a screen at a time. When it's fixed, that will max out at 100. This isn't feasible. My current shipping solution does not cap. I can show however many 1 want on a scrolling screen at a time. It's imperative that I be able to do this, because of the high volume of packages on Monday, and our attempts to preprint as many labels for the same products as possible.

Their Solution: Use the Automation Rules. Which works, when you're going to ship all of the items the same way. I wanted the all in one shipping solution to get a way to price shop.

Speaking of Price shopping, this software is WOEFULLY slow at shopping prices.

The main shipping screen is REALLY busy, and trying to ship from it, or price shop from it, is just an exercise in frustration.

You can't sort items by the Item title.

You can't customize the layout of the screens.

You could end up with your postage packages showing "USPS Standard Post" as the default shipping method, which makes trying to shop prices and boxes take even longer, when you're trying to edit 50+ records showing a non existent shipping service instead of the shipping service that your e-commerce channel records show

My business doesn't have an "amazing" net connection, but we're 100x10. Cable. There is a 15 second lag from the time you press Print, to the time that the label starts printing on the thermal. I timed it over 10 prints. 15 seconds each and every time.

They have an over-reliance on user built automation rules. Sure, once you have them all up and running, I'm sure that it's a great program, and you wont notice the problems as much.

But for my business? I would have been looking at probably 20 hours of time spent building automation rules. I don't have 20 hours to sit down and configure software. I have a shipping department to run.

If you ship the same product over and over and over, or have a small pool of products that you ship at a high volume, this is probably the software for you.

But, if you are like me, and managing an inventory of 20,000+ Products, that range in weight from 1 ounce to 150 pounds, this is probably not the shipping solution you want.

This software was LITERALLY SLOWER in time to ship per order than having Stamps.com, UPS Worldship, and FedEx Shipping Mangager open on an All in One Dell PC, and using that as the shipping solution.

For orders that I priced compared between all three services (30 products over the course of 2 days), my average price shop time in ShipRush was over 60 seconds. The lag was crippling. The average time to compare "the old fashioned way" was 30 seconds. I would have thought there would be a time savings by having the shipping destination loaded into the software. There was not.

Their phone system lists to be patient with them this week as they are growing. Maybe I caught them on a bad week. But I don't have time to sit and wait and hope that a shipping service is going to get better. I offer same day shipping with a cutoff to my customers, and there is no way that I could expect my shipping department to use ShipRush as our Shipping solution, and meet our cutoff on an average day. If I'm staring at that type of time crunch on an average day, I would be gutted on a peak day.

Other people may find that there business works with a system like ShipRush. Our business does not. I cancelled my account today. Which, in my 4 support interactions with ShipRush in a 2 day period, was the easiest interaction of all.
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