Amazon UK Keyword Research - Equivalent to "Scope" extension

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Amazon UK Keyword Research - Equivalent to "Scope" extension
29 Jul 2017

Is anyone familiar with a Amazon tool called "Scope" created by SellerLabs?
It is a keyword research tool which currently only works on the US Amazon Marketplace.
I have searched around for a similar tool which will work on Amazon UK, but I have not managed to find anything suitable yet.

Does anyone know of anything which may do the trick?

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Re: Amazon UK Keyword Research - Equivalent to "Scope" exten
30 Jul 2017
We have a couple of categories in the directory for tools along the lines of Seller Labs Scope:

Here are the ones which support in each.

Product Sourcing / Market Research - open-ended marketplace research:

Product Sourcing / Product Evaluation - uploading product lists to get back marketplace data on those specific products:

Also our recent post on free Amazon research tools might be useful:

Hope that helps!
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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