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Time Saver!
31 Jul 2017
This is the only place to go to hire virtual assistants imho if you have a business and need high-quality VAs and have no time to place ads, wait for people to respond to the ads, maybe place a few more ads, interview prospectives, hire, train, vet and deal with potential “life happens moments” (Whew, I get exhausted just thinking about it!) People leave for whatever reason. “Life happens to the best workers”…BUT now you have to go through the whole time-waster of starting all over again?

This was a huge problem for me until I found FreeeUp. Now I’m addicted to Freeeup and I don’t want to get off this HIGH!

Until I met Freeeup, my business was at a standstill because “I” was at a standstill. I called Freeeup, didn’t think they could help me but after my short discussion with Nathan Hirsch, everything became clear.

For my business, the most logical thing to do was to hire a Project Manager!
To give you a brief idea of what a PM can do for you (these are just some of the things btw):

• Find me (of course, Freeeup) workers that can hit the ground running for my various positions that I requested my PM to fill.

• Interviews and hires them taking into consideration, my company’s particular business needs.

• The workers then hit the ground running under the guidance of my PM.

• Only the PM reports to me and takes care of any issues or communication that the workers have.

• If the worker leaves, for whatever reason, Freeeup is able to replace that worker with another high-quality worker and my PM washes and repeats the process and I can concentrate on growing my business!

Now, you don’t need to have a PM as Freeeup makes it very easy for you to hire for individual positions yourself without a PM BUT, for me, it made sense. Now, my workers have no confusion as to who to go to and I only need to communicate with my PM. I can’t tell you how much time my PM saves me.
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