The best option that we have found

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The best option that we have found
2 Aug 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?

We have been with ShipWorks for over 10 years. About every other year, we evaluate a competitor and consider switching. Every time, we have concluded the Shipworks is the best option for us.

Processing speed: Excellent. We process orders quickly and efficiently. If you are an Amazon seller, make sure that you ask Shipworks to set up and hourly upload of Amazon data. When we first started, uploads were done at the same time the order was processed. This really slowed things down at times.

Packing slips: You have to know CSS to customize the packing slips. Or, can contact Shipworks and they can do it for you.

Order management: We have set up Shipworks with several buckets for orders. When a new order comes in, we know right away which ones need work first.

Employee training: I have found that most employees quickly understand Shipworks and can start processing orders.

Could anything have been better?

Shipworks needs to be able to remember the last shipping settings used for orders. They do remember the weight, just not the other settings. This would really help.

How was the support?

When you get someone on the line, the support is outstanding. I can't think of a time when I didn't get complete resolution to my problem on the first try. Of course, when you are down, the minutes pass like hours. I can't remember a time when we weren't up and running again on the same day we had the problem.

Note: Make sure Shipworks sets up a database back up to run each day - we point ours to an external drive. That way, if you have a problem with the program or the computer, you can be up an running again very soon. Just download the software again and install. When you are doing the install, shipworks will ask if you have a backup database. We are on our fourth PC running shipworks. This is really great when you are setting up a new computer, as nothing really needs to be saved/transferred from the old computer. Just install and update and you are ready to run.
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Re: The best option that we have found
9 Aug 2017

We love ShipWorks and support it in our software. It is a great shipping solution and order manager. It pairs well with inventory and channel management solutions so you have a complete solution.

For example, Shipworks can download orders and ship them, then upload tracking information to the channel. An accompanying channel manager can post new listings and keep inventory and price updates in sync across multiple channels while running parallel to Shipworks.

There's some flexibility in how much each solution manages too. You can have a channel manager simply post listings and keep them updated, or it can take on some of the fulfillment functions you normally do in Shipworks to allow you more automation. You still get the advantages of Shipworks, but with less micromanagement.

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