Best Amazon Financials Tool (and you can't beat the price)

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MJ Aldas
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Best Amazon Financials Tool (and you can't beat the price)
4 Aug 2017
As an active customer for the last 11 months, I wanted to give my two cents about the service.

While Fetcher did have an issue some time ago their customer service explained the situation and fixed it within a few days. I thought I was going crazy at first seeing some many numbers out of whack but the detailed explanation with an estimated resolution time frame from their customer service put me at ease.

I also noticed that around the time frame she said the fix was going to be implemented is when I started getting a notification on the top right side about my data being updated. I thought this was another issue so I contacted them and they explained that notification was a heads up that the fix was being implemented and thus my data was being updated with the fix.

As of now, I’ve personally never had issues with them and whenever I do have a question/concern, customer support seems to have been good to me always when I email.

For that reason, I plan on continuing with my service since the software is really easy to use like SetbaN noted on another thread, my data is accurate and you can’t beat the price (I checked).

Overall, because of the above, I give them 5 stars.
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