Expanding your shop to iOS and Android

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Expanding your shop to iOS and Android
5 Aug 2017
Me and my partner are expats working as Ios and Android developers in Hanoi Vietnam.
Currently we are working at a par time office job with a team of 10 other developers.
The plan is to use our spare time for building our own little company.

We will focus on translating web-shops to native Ios and Android Apps.
We do this because many web-shops without a on-the-go presence are simply missing out on business and customer loyalty.

Currently we are looking for 3 web-shops to collaborate with.
We offer a big discount for those who are willing to give us a project before our official launch as a company.

We will focus on building an elegant and functional app that matches the web-shop in design.
We will include all the fundamentals in the project:
  • User Login (facebook, google, email etc.)
  • Product presentation (divided by categories)
  • Item picker (amount, sizes, color, etc.)
  • Shopping basket
  • Contact page
  • Checkout/payment system
  • DataBase (using firebase)

  • We aim to upload 3 of these projects in the Apple-Store and Google-Play-Store prior to launching our company.

    Please feel free to contact me for further details: nkprive@gmail.com

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