Looking for a mutichannel Management Platform

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Looking for a mutichannel Management Platform
5 Aug 2017
I am currently living in a nightmare with a Multichannel Management Company. I Need to change. Any suggestions for a company that offers the simplest process, has good support and will not want my 3rd born grandchild.
Stephen Pagac
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Re: Looking for a mutichannel Management Platform
6 Aug 2017

A lot depends on the channels that you currently sell on.

I have not found two software providers that support the same channels and offer the same facilities.

We currently use Linnworks (been with them for 5 years) who support the main channels, and have third party apps for some of the smaller channels. Support is great, and as for the pricing, I still have my child (no grandchildren at present).
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Re: Looking for a mutichannel Management Platform
8 Aug 2017

Hi Stephen,

We talk to a lot of people every day who are leaving one solution or another. The best place to start is by identifying specifically what is not working. For example, some solutions are great at listing but don't manage inventory well.

So what would you call your biggest problem(s), or pain, with your current solution?


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