Are Fake Amazon Sellers Hitting Your Sales ?

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Are Fake Amazon Sellers Hitting Your Sales ?
6 Aug 2017
There is currently a serious rash of fake sellers appearing on Amazon UK at the moment. Are they affecting your sales ?

They are usually from Ohio or Wisconsin in the USA. They started off using a random string as their user name, but have now started using 'proper' names.

Until recently reports were in different categories to ours, however we noticed a severe drop in sales in the last week. After further investigation Carol Marotz appears to be the lowest seller for many of our products. All prices at £9.05 or £9.08 ish with free shipping from the USA !!

Now this new 'seller' has 9798 items listed at the time of writing and as we do not sell all the items that they do, this is obviously impacting on many other sellers.

Amazons advice is to report the sellers and they will investigate and remove if necessary. This one is still active after 3 days.

Delivery is quoted by this seller as 14 - 21 days. Amazons payment cycle is 14 days (standard), so I hope that they are keeping the money back from this 'new seller'.

Unfortunately though, this does not help legitimate sellers who are losing sales, and may even receive negative product feedback from disgruntled buyers due to these fake sellers. Neither does it instill customer confidence in the Amazon selling platform.

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Nottingham United Kingdom
Kudos: 3,414
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Re: Are Fake Amazon Sellers Hitting Your Sales ?
8 Aug 2017
So the latest is, still no official word from Amazon !!!

However the fake sellers are getting harder to detect.

When all this started, the user name was often a random string of characters. Pretty easy to suss out.

Since then they have started using 'proper names', often a first name then second name. Always based in the US.

The common factor, apart from being fraudulent, is that the prices were always stupidly low, often around the $12 mark (£9 ish).

However in the last couple of days there has been a number of these fake profiles set up based in the UK. Some of these profiles started with stupidly low prices and have stayed there, some appear to be using repricing software to bring their price up to what would still be considered a bargain. They also appear not to be blitzing the market with 80K listings or more in one go, but are instead only listing a couple of thousand. This is making it harder to detect these fraudulent sellers. (Yes I am sure that they are frauds and not genuine sellers who have just started out.)

At the time of posting:
Ida J Wilson - 94 listings
Christopher Chance - 1280 listings
Graham Gentry - 78 listings
Terence Outlet - 6356 listings
snvcndf - 6084 listings
gjhgjhgv - 7421 listings
kychelle collinsD - 73286 listings

A lot of the listings are top sellers as well !

The sooner that Amazon openly acknowledge that they have a serious problem with this, and take swift action, the sooner the confidence of both buyers and sellers will be restored. While they may be doing all they can, a company such as Amazon should not have allowed this to happen.

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E-commerce , love it or hate it, that's why we are here

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