Crazylister is a FANTASTIC tool for Ebay!

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Crazylister is a FANTASTIC tool for Ebay!
7 Aug 2017
Aside from the user friendliness of their interface and options for designing your template, CrazyLister makes it ridiculously easy to create beautiful/modern/professional product descriptions.

For both new and seasoned eBay sellers, this tool is essential for creating a great looking product description while saving time and hassle when it comes to design. With Crazylister, there's no need for graphic designers, programmers/coders, etc.

Most drag and drop tools tend to be very limited and restricting of what you can do... Crazylister provides everything needed to design the template without being confined to pre-determined sections of the template... it allows you to put what you want where you want as big or small as you want it.

In regards to customer service, the built in chat box for customer service is beyond convenient and allows for quick an easy support when a question arises. The staff has been nothing but friendly and respectful. In one particular case, I spoke with Din regarding an issue of our template looking one way on Google Chrome and another on Safari... he looked into it, found what was causing the issue, then sent me a GIF of him on the template making the adjustment I needed to make to solve the problem.

Just like that, the problem was solved and our templates were fit for any browser.

I HIGHLY recommend using Crazylister if you want to have professional, respectable listings on Ebay.
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