Comparison btw MarketplaceAdvisor, Blackthorne Pro,Auctiva

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Comparison btw MarketplaceAdvisor, Blackthorne Pro,Auctiva
13 Apr 2008
I am selling adult novelties on ebay. In very beginning I was not very clear about ebay’s MA section policy, all my listings(auctions and stores) were totally removed twice because I violated their policy. It costs me very long time to re-create each template little by little. Then I chose outside service, prochannel, to help me list items, even though I have to pay more.

Lately, prochannel announces that they will be closing down very soon and force us to transfer to MarketplaceAdvisor. MarketplaceAdvisor will charge much higher cost than prochannel and it’s much complicated than prochannel I believe so.

If any folks have had used these three products, pls share some of your thought. Many thanks

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