Very poor company, possible ID threat!

A review of Worldwide Brands by duncryan
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Very poor company, possible ID threat!
13 Aug 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? nothing

Could anything have been better? if I had never heard of them

How was the support? Non existent.

Please think twice before going near this company, they will cost you a fortune and will ask for all your personal info, Drivers licence, both sides, and a copy of your passport.

Why do they need any of this when they are delivering parcels.
Parcels paid to be delivered door to door, they then want to appoint customs brokers and charge for storage as they say they cant deliver.
I have imported many things from china and never come across a company like this before.
STAY AWAY from this company
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Re: Very poor company, possible ID threat!
20 Oct 2017
@duncryan Hi I have been a life time member of worldwide for many years and I never had to show them my license!!! I didn't buy there videos but there directory for dropshippers is great. I also called them twice with a problem and they were very helpful!
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