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American Tax Number
15 Aug 2017
Can anyone help? We are a Canadian Company and we are looking at registering on The problem we have is that we don't have an American Tax number.
How does one apply for one? Or is it possible to partner with another American company and use their Tax account?
Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: American Tax Number
16 Aug 2017
What do you sell ? Ironic I should see this....

You need a EIN, or tax ID number. You have to register a business and have proper ID to do it. Its pretty easy, but you have to have american ID and live in the area you are registering in.

Then you are able to get a number to use. Easy here, not so easy there.

Like I said, what are you selling?
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Re: American Tax Number
18 Aug 2017

You don't need to be a US entity in order to have a tax number. The tax number in US is EIN. Just google and find forms needed to complete. If you wish you can call them (their tax revenue agency) and obtain the number by phone. I called them because I wasn't clear what to write on form and the person who answered told me to solve everything by phone. In a few minutes, he assigned me an EIN. (I'm Canadian company too)

Is it possible to sell online at Walmart?! I didn't know! Can you give me some advice?

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Re: American Tax Number
22 Aug 2017

Here is the IRS site for you to apply and / or check your eligibility:

You may find it easier to open a corporation or LLC. There are companies that specialize in doing this for you. It's possible those companies can also help you to acquire the EIN as part of their services. This is how we acquired ours.

Common states to open those business entities are Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana. They all have favorable business laws and tax structures. We chose Delaware. You can of course google these and you'll get quite a few results.

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