Photo Prep is Fantastic!

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Photo Prep is Fantastic!
15 Aug 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
I found Photo Prep when searching online for a photo editing program to use for my eBay sales. I had previously used Adobe 2.0 but the format would not work on Windows 7. There were programs out there but many were difficult to use and I needed a program that I could use quickly, could be set to default to eBay requirement of 1600 pixels, and would give me the opportunity to manually edit photos. The color had to be spot on for online sales. I signed on for the beta program and saw it develop with the help from Dave Allen and other users. It didn't take long for me to see that this was the best program I had used and was just what I needed. Shoppers on eBay commented on the clarity of my photos and I feel that Photo Prep increased my sales. Not only were the photos clear, eBay buyers could easily see what they were purchasing. That meant that I didn't have to deal with returns. Quality at an inexpensive price. I purchased a second Photo Prep program for by backup computer and have recommended the program to friends who are interested in selling online.

Could anything have been better?
The only thing on my wish list would be to scan photos and bring those directly into Photo Prep for editing.

How was the support?
At a time when you often have no support or if it is available, it takes time to get to a person who can help, Photo Prep's Dave Allen get a 5 STAR rating. When I had a question, he often answered me quickly with a personal message. It doesn't get any better than that!

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