So far so good

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So far so good
16 Aug 2017
As a non Techie I could get my head round selling on eBay, I could slowly get my head round creating an online shop but when the two were joined is when my problems started. I realised I needed something to control stock between the two sales areas and I chose badly.
The program I used decided to completely scramble all my existing ebay listings (nearly 600) so that I had the wrong titles, with the wrong prices, wrong stock amounts and the wrong text. It couldn't have been more wrong so I needed to find another company to use to link them all together once I had disaster recovered.
I saw an ad for Expandly and liked the fact that they were UK based and I could call them during office hours rather than the american service I tried before which offered me support as long as I waited until night time. I rang and said what I wanted and they agreed that they could do what I wanted so I signed up. Since that point they have bent over backwards to help me, they are always available to web chat your way through any problem or decision you are unsure of.
Positives, Great Customer service so far, It's a company with a personality not just a faceless cyber moneymaker.
Negatives, It doesn't appear to be a finished product but that's fine, I don't want a perfect, slick anodyne faceless conglomerate. I am a small business and I want to feel that someone out there cares if I succeed.
Expandly so far, seem to care and have helped get my business up and running again. Small glitches and having to figure out some workarounds are what gives flavour and personality, so if you just want plug and play functionality look elsewhere, if however you want personality and great customer support then give Expandly a try.
I have yet to get back to where I was before trying a competitor so I can't comment entirely on their service throughout the whole process but from what I have seen so far it should be five star all the way.
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