Sixbit is the best listing software, best price and service!

A review of SixBit by mrsbridavis
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Sixbit is the best listing software, best price and service!
17 Aug 2017
I have been selling on eBay since 2010 and have used several different types of listing software. SixBit is by far the best. When I first switched from Blackthorne to Sixbit, it was like magic! Everything that frustrated me about Blackthorne was fixed with Sixbit.

What was good about this product or service overall?
1. Sixbit makes it easy to list new items by importing a spreadsheet
2. I manage listing and shipping for several accounts from Sixbit rather than having to sign in and out of my different eBay accounts.
3. I can bulk revise as many as 10K running listings in one day
4. I can list as many as 10K new items in a day
5. It's free to schedule when listings go up in Sixbit
6. I can end running listings from Sixbit, even auction listings if I need to.
7. When I use Sixbit shipping labels, the tracking numbers automatically import into eBay for me.
8. Sixbit can handle at least 300K running listings if the pictures are hosted outside the database.

Could anything have been better?
Sixbit is getting better all the time. Just when I think the software is so impressive, they make a change and it's even more so. I would still like to see thumbnails on the packing slip, but that's all I can think of. (Currently, it's not available if pictures are hosted outside the database like mine are.)

How was the support?
The support is the best thing about Sixbit. I might be Sixbit's squeakiest wheel. Whenever I have a problem, I submit a ticket right away and a support rep always gets back to me within a business day. Sometimes within minutes and sometimes even on weekends. I am not technologically inclined and so I always have a lot of questions. The support team at Sixbit is professional and efficient and is a big part of why I'm able to successfully sell on eBay. As eBay changes and grows, Sixbit helps me to keep up with eBay's changes. For instance, mobile optimization is important now on eBay. I submitted a ticket asking how I could bulk optimize my listings for mobile and my Sixbit support rep, Steve, wrote an html code for me to put in my description wrapper. Once I updated my running listings, all 30K running listings were instantly optimized for mobile and I saw an immediate increase in sales after that change. On eBay, I would have had to do 1 listing at a time. I cannot say enough good about Sixbit's support. Every time I have any question or problem, they are quick to answer or solve it.
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