eSellerHub is great to work with

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eSellerHub is great to work with
17 Aug 2017
Overall, my experience with eSellerHub has been fantastic. I came to them after I had hired another team who had botched my project and cost me tens of thousands of dollars. I had to start completely over, and I was not looking forward to it.

I was actually in the process of hiring a different team when eSellerHub reached out to me about working on my project. In the end, I ended up going with them.

I started trusting them when they showed me examples of work that they had already done for other customers. I could see inventory listings, sales orders, and the details of their other platforms so that I became convinced that they had done this in the past and that they could do it for me.

They also were able to give me some solutions to some of the issues that I was having in my first attempt at multi-channel software. They talked about they had run into the same issues at various points but they also explained how they overcame them and how they could help me overcome them.

So we started the project, and they have taken very good care of me. We have just started our 2nd phase of the project and are planning the 3rd phase out as well. We are about 9 months into our relationship, and I'm very, very glad I found this team.

I wish they were the team I had found initially!
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