Winning The Fight For Attention Online Or On The Shelves.

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Walter Hay
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Winning The Fight For Attention Online Or On The Shelves.
18 Aug 2017
Do you want your labels, branding, and packaging to sell for you, or to just look pretty? From the moment you put your new product on display you are in a fight to stand out from the rest either online or on the store shelves.

Not all labels are born equal. There is much more to choosing labels than simply printing them and sticking them on. Conventional advice for people starting out in private labeling is to "Slap your label on", but that only results in you joining the ranks of ordinary products with the only difference being a different brand name.

Your choice of labels can make or break your private labeling business. I have written a book that will show you the difference between a huge range of different labeling or brand marking methods. It might open your eyes to possibilities that really can make your product and your brand appear unique and give the impression that it is the one the buyer must have.

With a lifetime of successful marketing behind me, and having started an importing and marketing business that was so successful that I franchised it in four countries, and having lectured on marketing psychology, I know what marketing works.

Branding, labeling, and packaging are too often given insufficient thought, but well chosen labeling can help you create a GREAT brand that people will remember, and can result in that desirable word of mouth effect.

I have put my knowledge and experience together in this book. Check out my site here: to see what the book offers:
Lifetime experience in importing and marketing. Now retired and publishing books based on my real life successes. Franchised my importing business in four countries.

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