So Helpful!!!

A review of AmazeOwl by mbanvill
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So Helpful!!!
20 Aug 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
- Significantly accelerates product hunting;
- Product demand analysis integrating both Merchant Words and Google Trends as well as the number of competitors in the market for a specific product;
- Market analysis capabilities based on number of competitors and their reviews;
- Profit analysis integrating's web search results;
- Accurate sales/revenues estimates (near's estimations);

Could anything have been better?
- Based on specific criteria, such as selling price, BSR, number of reviews, etc., automate product hunting and submit daily reports of matching products;

How was the support?
- Although I haven't required support, I see the AmazeOwl team responding to all messages on their Facebook group in a timely manner.
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