the only one i trust

A review of AmazeOwl by nickbrit
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the only one i trust
20 Aug 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
I looked long and hard at all my software options as an Amazon seller, and decided to go with AmazeOwl as my primary source of data as it was very thorough and had an incredible supportive community surrounding it. Also when I reached out to the owners/developers with questions they got back to me promptly and personally. In other words I didnt feel like I was dealing with just another faceless money making machine...The other main competitors were selling themselves a little too other words felt like car salesmen whereas with amazeowl they feel more like data engineers who really believe in what they are doing, its obvious they care...and to me, thats priceless!
Could anything have been better?
The platform is always growing and went through a few early growing pains along the way, and maybe not quite as slick as some of the others, but Its still the most reliable and trustworthy seller analytics out there, and its exciting to see it evolve.
How was the support? support is second to none. any questions or issues get answered right away, and there is a good sized private facebook group for members with a wealth of information and ongoing support.
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