PayPal Help??

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PayPal Help??
14 Apr 2008
Hi again
I am selling on eBay & using PayPal.
I had heard that PayPal is free if you receive funds from another PayPal account.
But PayPal always charges me for receiving funds?
Why is that so?/

PS - Guess I have a lot of questions in my head & will pose them to experts one at a time.
Thanks all of you and I am really relieved to get answers
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Re: PayPal Help??
14 Apr 2008
Welcome to the forum. Paypal would charge you a fee when someone pays you using a credit card , if they transfer funds which are already in theire paypal account then you do not get charge . This also varies when you have a personal account and a premier account or buisness account.

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Re: PayPal Help??
21 Apr 2008
Whether you have a Personal or Premier/Business account is key.

Here is the full fee breakdown:

To summarize:

Personal account holders can receive funds from PayPal Balance, PayPal Instant Transfer or PayPal eCheck for free but pay high fees for Credit and Debit card payments.

Premier/Business account holders pay for receiving funds from any source, but the fees for Credit and Debit card payments are lower than Personal accounts.
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Re: PayPal Help??
17 Nov 2008
I've been using paypal ever since. Yes, they charged me whenever I get funds but that's fine with me. I like thisonline payment than others.
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Re: PayPal Help??
8 Jan 2009
Free?Haha !Never heard of it.I think Paypal would not be so kindly to you.The unverified account will be free of charge for receiveing money ,but there is some limit for the unverified one.

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