Rigid Poor Service

A review of Bitbond by DaDon
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Rigid Poor Service
22 Aug 2017
Was approved for a loan. The process is not transparent and the verification process is a pain. I then found that I made a mistake in connecting one account. Could not change even by email. This is a German company and as rigid as I have ever experienced. After publishing a loan I was so disappointed with their marketing claims as opposed to the reality that I canceled my offering and will close my account. Never to do business with them again.

My partner had to try and contact the verification service over 9 times. Only to have them unable to read the watermark on a new drivers licence. He could barely understand the rude verifiers English. In fact, he was disconnected.

The reality is that after going through all of their hoops most loans do not get funded and most investors do not make money. Don't believe their American styled website and easy money claims. Also, be very suspicious of their 5 star reviews. I can not imagine somebody giving a 5 star review after going through all of their hoops.

Just say "nin"!
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