USD dollar bank account

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Re: USD dollar bank account
24 Aug 2017

World First can set you up a US based $ bank account, the only problem is that at the moment you can only withdraw into your UK account. However they are rumoured to soon be offering an account where you can pay your suppliers etc directly from the account rather than moving money around all over the place.

Might be worth getting in touch with them and seeing if it is imminent.
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Re: USD dollar bank account
25 Aug 2017
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Re: USD dollar bank account
5 Sep 2017
I was using World First initialy to receive seller proceeds from Amazon UK. But World First charges for currency exchange were quite hefty (for me as a small seller). And paying VAT to UK HMRC was costly. Now I see that WorldFirst is going to have World Account, but it is too little too late for me.

I started to use Transferwise Borderless Account since June, 2017. Receiving USD and GBP from Amzon USA and UK. Paid GBP to UK HMRC successfully. Haven't paid any USD yet, but shouldn't be a problem. You can get also EUR account in Borderless Account, I have my own EUR account in EU bank. Exchange rate, when you want to convert / transfer money to your real account is just 0.5%. World First charged me waaaay more (I was charged 2%. You could get lower 1% fee at that time, if you volume was above 250000)

P.S. I was looking to Payoneer and comparing to World First last year. Payoneer had even worse fees for currency exchange.

P.P.S. As time passes, some things (fees and possibilities) can be different now.

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Re: USD dollar bank account
5 Sep 2017
Transferwise are providing borderless accounts.

I think this might solve the problem
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Re: USD dollar bank account
6 Sep 2017
Hi to All,

Yess it is no Problem to arrange just an US bankaccount. I am an European citizen.

try First American Bank in Chicago. I use it for more than 2 years to save on my currency swap for payouts.

Good luck


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