Feedvisor not a good repricer-Cost us over $50K during test

A review of Feedvisor by rob387
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Feedvisor not a good repricer-Cost us over $50K during test
24 Aug 2017
There are two major issues that I will address in the review: Performance of the repricer and dishonesty during the sales process.

Determination of repricer performance is quite simple: With all parameters / options being the same between repricers, what is the change +/- of sales.

Before Feedvisor, I used either the Channel Advisor repricer or Appeagle. With both repricers, our average sales were about $15,000 / day and was consistent over a period of months. As soon as we switched to Feedvisor, our sales plummeted to $1,500 / day. Our account manager told us that it will take time for the system to learn about the repricing information for our ASINS. Fair enough. I let the repricer run for over two weeks, without any improvement. I switched back to the Channel Advisor repricer, and the sales immediately increased back to $15,000. The Feedvisor account manager looked at the data and conceded that their repricer was not as good as the competition. There was nothing more that he could do to improve the performance.

Product Misrepresentation

I asked a simple question: "Does Feedvisor reprice eBay and other platforms?" The reply was: Yes The caveat was that it would transfer the price from Amazon to the other platforms.

This is not true.

The eBay repricer does not work with variations which makes it worthless for most e-commerce applications. Furthermore, despite being told that it is available, it is still in development.

A number of other questions were responded to with answers which were blatantly untrue or were complete lies. No matter the question, the answer was the same: "Feedvisor can do that".

You may see a response to this review from the company attacking all the things that I did wrong during the testing. I stuck with the repricer for over two weeks and it did not get any better with time. The account manager made changes to the account as needed to try to get better performance without success.

In conclusion, the testing of Feedvisor over the two weeks cost us over $50,000 in revenue. I would strongly suggest looking at other options before committing the time and money to using Feedvisor.
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