Intl eBay Inventory/Listing Software for Gemstones/Jewelry

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Intl eBay Inventory/Listing Software for Gemstones/Jewelry
1 May 2008

I'd just like to announce that I have a software product that I'm considering licensing that can be used to track inventory, manage images and list onto all international ebay sites. The product is specifically designed to manage jewelry and gemstone auctions, as gemstones are a particularly diffcult product category to manage due to the fact that every item is unique and needs its own photograph. The software is fully networkable (it runs on Adobe ColdFusion 8 ) and plugs into ebay seamlessly via the API.

I say that it is for gemstones and jewelry but it can be used to sell pretty well much anything. It handles inventory, images, ftp, orders (in multiple currencies), email, invoicing, label printing, listing templates, categories - you can also set it up to cross-sell items.

I, myself, run an ebay business and I developed this software because I couldn't find any reasonably priced solutions that could handle selling on all international ebay sites which could be fully customizable. This is, and I would be happy to customize it to whatever anybody required.

I would like to find out what anybody out there thinks of this idea, and if anybody is interested they can contact me at

many thanks

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