which listing/auction management tool should I use?

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which listing/auction management tool should I use?
5 May 2008
I'm an ex-PowerSeller looking to restart on eBay after a hiatus, and I'm considering using a Management system - which one do you all recommend?

Here's what I've used before - and my experiences with them.

Andale - great idea in practice, but just couldn't get the customer service/support of anything like a reasonable level. Also coincided with them relaunching a new revamp of their system & found that to be buggy.

Auctiva - I liked a lot, easy to learn & edit and worked a treat.

GarageSale - fantastic software, created great looking listings and everything seemed slick.

However, I only really used the above to list items, preferring to use eBay directly (Selling Manager Pro) to monitor listings & all the back-end stuff like invoicing, feedback and checkout etc.

I use both a Macbook and PC, although I tend to drift towards the Mac for ease of use generally (really like the iPhoto integration of GarageSale, plus the portability and offline usage means I can list anytime, anywhere). However, I've never tested the post-sale aspect on Garagesale, and haven't really got into the latest upgrade as yet.

I have also subscribed to Blackthorne, and still on the steep leaning curve to test it's full power. It seems quite straightforward to me, although I need to RTFM to really maximise all aspects I feel. What I wasn't impressed with though - especially given eBays's links to BT - is that it's poor, no, non-existent at bringing all the data through from SM Pro. Seems daft to be able to bring all the end of auction stuff through, but not any data I add subsequently such as cost, postage etc., then to have to repeat the operation by typing it all again. I guess I could put said data into BT first, and hope it gets 'scraped' back into SM Pro, though I doubt it LOL

So, at this juncture, I guess I should weigh up my criteria and listen to everyone's opinions.

I would think the following to be really cool things for me (in no particular order) ....

Great templates, pre-loaded;
Ease of use - with good in-build support (I do like to tinker and suss it all out for myself);
Free scheduling;
Free hosting of images - or good integration with my domain/FTP;
WYSIWYG editor for text;
pre-sets for shipping, payment etc (like the profiles in Auctiva);
Ability to adapt an existing template for a similar item (I do a lot of similar items, rather than a few items lots of times) without clogging up the system
Integration with SM Pro - not bothered which system I enter my data into, but only want to do it once - and it to be transposed across;
Analysis of sales data & other reporting tools- eg. comparison of cost, P&P, selling amount to work out margins;
Multi-account support;

Not too bothered about automatic feedback, emailing & invoicing as I'm used to doing these within SM Pro (however, if a system does all that jazz as good, I'd try it?)

Equally, not too bothered if it's offline/desktop-based or web-based, I can adapt my processes to suit.

I'm happy enough to pay - either a monthly fee or a one-off, although it would have to be worth the extra outlay. I'd be looking to bring in about £500/100 items per month in sales as a baseline.

I've just started trialling ChannelMAX and AuctionSound today, so will see how they pan out.

I suspect ChannelMax may be a good prospect, although I'm concerned it feels a bit clunky to me and I've noticed there seems to be some issues with support response (maybe it's got popular very quick, or possibly it's just that deeply featured it takes a lot of work for the gurus to keep in contact?). I tried uplooading images today and it rejected some of them, and it wasn't immediately apparent why?

I do find the AuctionSound interface very slick and it looks fab, though I'm wary it may be suited more to consignment sellers and inventory wallas. As it stands, probably only around 30% of my sales will be inventory/repetition.

Which do all you recommend? May try Auctiva aga
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Re: which listing/auction management tool should I use?
7 May 2008
To be honest it looks like your list of software requirements describes AuctionSound to a T.

Heres what you can count on with AuctionSound:
1st class support - We actually answer the phone
Software Uptime - Ask around, the reputation is unbeatable
Ease of use - We will even train you over the phone to help convert your business

Free Scheduled listings
Unlimited image hosting
Listing defaults
Auction Templates
Sell similar functions
Free Online Storefront
Integration with Terapeak research
Integration with DHL shipping

I could go on but since we answer our phone unlike most other software companies you can ask us anything you'd like.

Oh yeah, and we have a free trial going right now.

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Re: which listing/auction management tool should I use?
7 May 2008
Hey there AuctionSound

Had actually signed up for a trial before writing post, so will be tinkering around don't you worry!

Initially, I thought I had boobed as it was geared more for consignment/inventory I felt, when the majority of my sales will be one-offs.

No doubt will be in contact with you real soon,

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Re: which listing/auction management tool should I use?
19 Jun 2008
Have you checked out AuctionWagon Store Manager G2? Even though it is designed for consignment stores it works wonderfully for an individual seller as well. It has so many bells & whistles beyond what you listed that it may be too sophisticated for your needs. I've had extensive experience with it since the beta beginnings and have been very impressed.
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Re: which listing/auction management tool should I use?
19 Jun 2008

I trialled it a while ago, probably over a year ago or so.

However, I'd prefer a web-based service as I use both my Macbook & desktop PC in two different locations.

Thanks for your input though, much appreciated

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