CrazyLister is awesome!

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CrazyLister is awesome!
1 Sep 2017
As a full-time eBay seller, I found myself spending far too much time on listing issues. I was getting bogged down dealing with quirky templates that were running afoul of eBay's "active content" rules. I looked at several listing tools before I found CrazyLister. What initially attracted me was their claims of personal attention to each customer. Not being the best person with computers, strong customer support would be a major plus. And, to put it mildly, I was not disappointed. From the moment you sign up, they are there to assist you with any questions and potential problems. I was put in touch with Etienne, who is an expert when it comes to designing templates and logos. He not only designs a template specific to your merchandise and target customer base, he takes the time to show you how to implement it in existing listings. The best part is that his services are incredibly affordable. Nothing is perfect, and from time to time, I have to ask questions. Victor or Lisa have always provided timely answers that solved each and every issue. You can tell that they take pride in providing the best online listing service out there. Yes, I know that some out there might be "cheaper." Believe me, I tried them. When you weigh dedicated customer support and simplicity of use against frustratingly difficult listings, it's easy to see why I chose CrazyLister. I can't imagine ever using another service. Thanks!
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