Laris vs Vendio or.......

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Laris vs Vendio or.......
6 May 2008
Which one would you recommand?
Laris vs Vendio or.......

What is important to me:

1. using my own custom HTML
2. integration with UPS and Quickbooks
3. Complate automation of listings, relistings, email, feedback and so on .
4. Cost $$$ to use this service..
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Re: Laris vs Vendio or.......
7 May 2008

Welcome to ASR forum.
I work at Vendio and to answer your questions

1. Yes we do support your own html .
2.We do have a seamless integration with UPS (Endicia ) and with quickbooks.
3. Automation , re listings,End of auction emails ,Managing customer data base , feedback automation all this is possible .
4. Our cost is quite competitive ,.
You can call me i could offer you a discounted price , i can be reached at 877-258-8488 Ext 6041 .

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Re: Laris vs Vendio or.......
17 Jun 2008
Hi vware,

If you haven't already discovered AuctionSound I recommend you try us out. We are exactly the tool you have just described needing.

1. Custom HTML templates are supported. We will even import them for you including Frooition templates.

2. We have a full integration with UPS Worldship and tracking internally in AuctionSound.

3. Complete automation of listing defaults, sales automation AND auto Feedback.

4. Our service pays for itself in the amount of $$ you save in image hosting and time savings. ALSO you pay based on your volume. Very competitive pricing.

Most importantly, no one can beat our live customer support line. Try us out now: 866-881-3229.

Free Trials are currently available.

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Brett Rush
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Re: Laris vs Vendio or.......
1 Jul 2008
I've been using AuctionSound for a few years now. I sent them my template and they were able to implement it for me, keeping all of text (payments, shipping, returns, about me, etc) fully accessible.

They already stated in the previous reply that they can handle all of your other requests. I think their key feature is the support. They are available by phone and email 24/7. When I have questions, they have answers quickly.

That's my two cents.
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