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8 Sep 2017
They are professional and timely. Loving and firm with their people. I love this company and will be using them and already referred a few colleagues. Love Nathan, and love our VA who's very well trained. I can't say enough about this because we've used so many other services.

Something that I wrote a few weeks ago that applies to other services: It's 1000000% OK to not like certain people. There are some people's energy that I don't resonate with, I'd genuinely rather not be around them. This doesn't make them nor myself "bad" or "wrong" it's simply the way of nature.
My dog Spirit a weimaraner pitbull mix was one of my best teachers of this. She would enter the dog park and run around sniffing other dogs butts and playing, but every time there would be 3-5 dogs that she would get one sniff of and immediately distance herself.
It was like this mutual respect of hey were both in the dog-park playing so I will acknowledge your presence, but I won't go out of my way to please/play with you just because you're here.
I gave myself permission to do the same after that. I love and respect every living being on the planet, including the trees, fish, birds, four-legged friends and the apex predator of them all humans...AND...energetically I don't prefer some of them.. lol
I'll continue to love them from a distance.
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