ebay feedback changes data analysis

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ebay feedback changes data analysis
15 May 2008
I aim to look at the impact of the recent feedback changes as part of a dissertation for uni work.
These are the questions I aim to address.

- has there been significant change of feedback ratings for sellers and for buyers
-are buyers bidding more and higher
-will sellers leave Feedback upon payment more often
-which products ,in different sectors , have a stable market trend
-who are the poorly rated sellers and top sellers of those products
-can the gap between good and poor sellers be quantified , how is it changing over time

Is there any software tool for gathering this kind of data? (I have searched certified sites)
Can you suggest any other questions of more importance?

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Re: ebay feedback changes data analysis
15 May 2008
Hi Mark, thanks for posting

I am going to assume you are in the UK, judging from the terms you use and time of posting.

You should find some useful data from UK-compatible research tools such as Terapeak and AuctionIntelligence (more UK research tools here).

However, you won't get easy answers and will have to research around your questions. Some of your questions don't lend themselves at all to eBay research tools (e.g. will sellers leave Feedback upon payment more often) but others could be straightforward (e.g. are buyers bidding more and higher, which products have a stable market trend).

I think you will need to conduct your own seller research to get data for some of your questions, and you could trawl forums and news sites such as www.auctionbytes.com for anecdotal evidence.

mark16 wrote:

Can you suggest any other questions of more importance?
Considering your topic - the impact of recent feedback changes - I think it would be interesting to look at the effect on seller behaviour and the buyer experience. The changes should have improved the eBay experience for buyers, and encouraged better service from sellers. Has that happened? What are sellers doing differently? Do buyers give much weight to the new ratings?

Having said that, I don't know what your discipline is (business? psychology? statistics?) and I am sure your professor could give you valuable advice.

Don't hesitate to post again, and I wish you good luck with it!
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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