I had a very good experience

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I had a very good experience
19 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?

I had the opportunity to speak with CJ directly for my Amazon issue. I contacted them through their website as well as many other who offered the service. CJ was the first to actually get back to me. By the time we spoke, he had already read up on issues and was well aware of my problem.

After discussing for a few minutes about my strategies and the service they offered, CJ was very honest with me and let me know that we were a little small for their services. He was right, I'm really just a small time seller. But, he didn't just turn me away, he was kind enough to give me some great pointers and some suggestions to fix my appeal.

I mean, what more can you ask for? Hopefully it will be enough to get reinstated and I ever become a big seller and get in trouble, CJ will definitely have must trust.

Could anything have been better?

Great service. Can't be any better.

How was the support?

Fantastic. I know exactly what I did wrong in my appeal letter! While I'm sure I can't make a plan of action as well as CJ, I think I have the right tools and information to make a very good appeal.

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