Fantastic overall product does what you want and more...

A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by Jimbobs
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Fantastic overall product does what you want and more...
20 Sep 2017
When we all decide to do things new,there are always glitches,but when i read reviews from other customers,i find it hard to believe they state NO SUPPORT,i have found it has been amazing,we changed from Volocommercepro,old esllerpro,and never looked back,At first like all new projects some things work and some do not,but we have sometimes rang them 6 times in a day to ask questions and always there helped in every way,i could name just a few,Mel,Len,Sarah,Nick etc etc,so when i see a review there was NO SUPPORT i find that hard to believe.the system is made to what you require for your business,like us we sell on eBay Amazon etc,so when we asked the question can this be easy to set up and change over,we where taken through how the system worked and what they do like in full.We took the plunge and yes like all new systems,you are always worried about change.But once changed over there was glitches,but soon sorted by the team always on hand,we did not lose any sales and most glitches where small.The plus side for us is the savings as the old system charged us a percentage of sales so if you kicked on you paid more,but the new system is one set price,so extra charges for doing better.saves us about £500 a month,massive savings,i would recommend this system to any one..

The only thing i could think of improving is the back up,at weekends etc,as we are a internet business and like all business on the net it is 24 hours a day 7 days a week,but if there was a bit of cover during weekends it sort out any problems before we print off monday morning at 6am,but if a problem,we can not start work until fixed and office support is from 9.30am

The support from this company has been fantastic,and if it was not for the support on the phones etc,we would never have changed over so easy,the old company,we would have to put a ticket in and wait,not knowing how long and some tickets where not answered or sorted for a week or so,and no body to talk too, to reassure you it is been sorted.Cloudcommerce has been great in always,once we phoned someone took control and passed it on or sorted it themselves,by talking you through it or even connecting up to your computer and guiding you through it..I would recommend this company to anyone who have lots of sale each day,the system is perfect for high volumes..
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