recomendation for moving auctions to another eBay account

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recomendation for moving auctions to another eBay account
20 May 2008

Hi All,
Looking for software that allow me transfer All My Auctions from one account to another account. Any software that work with multiply account?
Any software that can grab auction descriptions from other sellers?
Thank you.

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Re: recomendation needed
10 Jun 2008
Hi elordik, that's an interesting question!

You can't transfer ended or currently running auctions to another account, but if you just want to pick up past auctions from one account to re-list with another account that should be possible.

Here are a couple of ideas that could work:

  • Use software or a web-based service that supports multiple accounts and allows you to re-list auctions from one account to another account.
  • Start using a package with your old user account, pull down your past listings, then change to your new account and re-list the downloaded auctions.

  • Many of the high-end packages support multiple accounts, but you would have to research further to find out if they supporting re-listing across accounts. I'm thinking of services like MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, eSellerPro, Infopia, Laris, Zoovy etc.

    If you are looking for something lower cost you could investigate AuctionSound, inkFrog, Vendio (web-based); or AuctionSage, AuctionSplash, eBay Blackthorne, SpoonFeeder (desktop).

    If you want zero cost maybe ChannelMAX or Auctiva will do what you want.

    Hope that helps
    Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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