Not as good as Version 2

A review of WidgetChimp by msmith3567
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Not as good as Version 2
22 Sep 2017
Used this app since 2015 for 2 eBay stores but had to leave last week and go for a better company that is complaint to new ebay updates. Without other layout options the template looks generic and similar with other sellers. I was hoping they will continue to improve the new version but it stayed the same after few months. Matt neglected this app. it was good and competitive before.

Never had any issue with customer service though, I always get raul when getting help in chat. They also give refund refund without any hassle.
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Re: Not as good as Version 2
29 Sep 2017
@msmith3567 could you please let me know of the new company you are using. i use Widget Chimp but they contain links in the template and all
my listing risk being removed
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Re: Not as good as Version 2
30 Oct 2017

I had the same issue,

I contacted them a number of times about it but had no reply.

Ultimately I chose to leave Widget Chimp as I did not want to jeopardize my listings.

Very disappointed.
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