Utterly appalling

A review of Shiptheory by Nick Holdsworth
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Nick Holdsworth
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Utterly appalling
25 Sep 2017
We used to use an integrated MadCapsule extension with our Magento system which was great.

That extension broke last autumn and when we went onto their support website we read that support had been ended the previous March: thanks guys, it would have been nice to have been given time to change to Shiptheory.

Shiptheory started fine, we loath NetDespatch, but never mind, we didn't need to use it that much as all the work would be done in ****heory.

Then it stated to s l o w d o w n

Apparently they are aware that this is a problem.

Now it doesn't work at all, the staff can't be bothered even to see if it's going to work, it's quicker to use NetDespatch.

Support has been c**p all we get is 'sorry'. Not even an email or phone call when I told them we'd given up.

The problem is that without being able to produce labels efficiently we now need to change the whole of our ERP:

'Thanks' guys for absolutely nothing

PS and another irritating thing is that they put 'love from' in their responses. Incredibly unprofessional and patronising, especially when you'd like to scream at them
PPS unfortunately I had to choose 1 star: I had hoped to choose zero.
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Re: Utterly appalling
10 Nov 2017
Which ERP system are you using with Shiptheory
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