Wish I didn't even bother

A review of inkFrog by Jermaine Carty
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Wish I didn't even bother
27 Sep 2017
Do not use if you sell across multiple eBay sites where you require your SKUs to remain the same. inkFrog will revise all the SKUs for eg a SKU which is 1234 it will revise all the SKUs as 1234-1, 1234-2, 1234-3 across all your ebay sites. This has caused me no end of bother remapping skus and it never ends. Is ok if you only deal on one ebay site ie ebay.co.uk. But do not use if you have ebay.com, ebay.de etc. Waste of time and am seriously considering going back to Auctiva as this issue doesn't happen using that platform.

The site is extremely slow.

Inkfrog customer support is very limited and they really couldn't care less about you.

Overall I am very disappointed with Inkfrog.
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