Listing unblocked 32 hours after payment

A review of Thompson & Holt by Shiny Journey
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Shiny Journey
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Listing unblocked 32 hours after payment
28 Sep 2017
My listing was blocked due to copyright infringement. I started a chat on this company's website and agreed to cooperate with them. I paid a fee and in 24 hours I received the full text of very professionaly written email, prepared to send to Amazon. 8 hours after sending this email, Amazon support informed me that my ASIN has been reinstated. It was just... wow! After about another 4-5 hours It was active and I could sell again. I did not do anything else, only paid the fee and sent the email I am very delighted with the service! Highly reccomend to work with them if you can't deal with your suspended account alone.
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