Passionate, knowledgable and reliable

A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by eBusiness Guru
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Passionate, knowledgable and reliable
3 Oct 2017
I work with a large number of onlinesellers in the UK and abroad, and have introduced CJ and Gary to a number of them who feel like their livelihood has been removed from their control, between bogus complaints, hard to understand rules and other issues.

They offer a great, professional service to everyone who contacts them, and they always strive to offer good advice, even if that's not the most profitable option they could pursue.

I recently watched CJ talk at a show to a room full of sellers, and I've rarely found someone with a depth of specialist knowledge and experience in this field, who can speak so confidently and be totally clear to everyone listening.

I can heartily recommend them to anyone who needs advice about problems with their Amazon account - These days Amazon should be making your business money, not losing it. Not forgetting the advice they can offer on protecting your valuable Intellectual Property!
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