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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by janapenner
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5 Oct 2017
My Amazon account was suspended and i was in a total shock, never thought it could happen. I started to search for a good lawyer to help me.A lot of companies wanted crazy money, plus they told me they would make 3 attempts, after that it would cost me even more and more....i found Kenneth , he was very reasonable as far as pricing, very knowledgeable and personable on a phone. I gave him a shot. He always answered every question i had, every email i sent, there was no limited attempts. He went with me till the end. 2 days ago i got email from amazon:


We have decided that you may sell on while we review your account. A reserve equal to your gross sales amount for the preceding 14 days will apply while your account is under review. Based on your order volume, the amount of the reserve may change daily.

When your account balance exceeds this reserve amount, you will be able to transfer funds based on your settlement schedule. You can view the details on the Payments page in the Reports section of Seller Central (

Please continue to ship orders and only list items that you can send by the expected ship date.

To learn more about account reviews, search for "Velocity Limits and Account Reviews" in Seller Central Help.

We will send you an email when our review is complete.


Seller Performance Team

Thank you Ken, i would gave up if it wasn't for you.
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