Rubbish Product

A review of Terapeak Research by Harshdeep Singh Longani
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Harshdeep Singh Longani
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Rubbish Product
11 Oct 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?
Useless product, most information is irrelevant. They claim that information would help sell more but the information is not even clear. They are not cheap either. I would recommend hiring someone to pay and create data online. I used Fiverr, sales shot up with it.

The relevant information was the sales data but this also now is useless because of the way eBay and Amazon advertise your product.

I would not recommend it to anyone at all.

Could anything have been better?
Almost everything

How was the support?
The worst, I was charged in trial period and not refunded, eventually had to go through paypal. They did manage to sort the issue.
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