Amazon Variations - What is the best approach.

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Amazon Variations - What is the best approach.
13 Oct 2017
I have been repeating my description text and most of my keywords in each child on my variation Amazon listings I have read that this isn't a good approach.

I have read its better to just have the text keywords in one add - maybe the parent

can anyone advise?

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Re: Amazon Variations - What is the best approach.
17 Oct 2017

Hi Simon,
My understanding is, since variations are linked, discoverers/visitors to one variation are exposed to all variations (via thumbnails).
That being said, it would seem a wasted opportunity to use same indexable text elements and keywords in all variations. Why not throw out a wider net and potentially bring more visitors to your set of variations? Putting additional and alternative phrasings and longtail search terms in each variation may increase traffic to all.
That's what I do at least.
Good luck.

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